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New Membership Application

  • Applications for new members will be accepted from March 1 to April 1.

  • Every new member candidate must be sponsored by an existing member in good standing

  • An existing member in good standing may sponsor one candidate per calendar year

  • The application process may include a background check

  • Applicants must provide a current NRA Membership number

  • Applications can be made in-person at the General Membership Meeting (or) by submitting this form online 

  • Applications are taken in the order they are received until the maximum number of vacancies has been filled

New Membership Application

Note: All new members must review and agree to the Club Waiver, Range Rules and Terms before proceeding.  You must check this box to agree, and by doing so you are accepting these terms by an electronic signature.

Thanks for submitting your application. You will receive a confirmation email - please check your junk folder!

The maximum number of applications has been reached. This form is not accepting new submissions.

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