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Black Powder Day

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Black Powder Day at KFGA September 18th 2022

KFGA will be hosting a Black Powder shooting event on Sunday September 18th starting at 10am until 3pm. This is a fun event for anyone interested in black powder shooting. We will have multiple steel targets, breakable clay bird targets.


Soft lead projectiles ONLY for steel and clays.


No experience in black powder? No problem! We will get you familiar with the process and have you shooting in no time.


  • This is a free event for KFGA Members & their guests.

  • Learn the basics of traditional black powder shooting.

  • Learn tips and tricks to help your shooting and accuracy.

  • Learn tips and tricks for maintaining and cleaning your BP firearms.


This will be held at the 50 Yard rifle range.


Several examples of traditional rifles, fowlers, pistols and muskets will be on display.


The intent of this event is to focus on firearms using traditional black powder.


Any questions please contact:

Anthony Campbell by email:

Phone: 610-931-3040

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