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Black Powder Shooting

KFGA Board Approved Black Powder Club

Due to the success of the previous black powder days at KFGA (see page here) the Executive Board has approved a KFGA Black Powder Club. The Club will be run by members Anthony Campbell and Kurt Ulrich.


The club will consist of any member and their guests interested in shooting black powder rifles, pistols and/or shotguns.  


The goal of the club is to promote black powder shooting amongst the members. This is a non-competitive fun group for those who currently shoot black powder and for those who are looking to learn how to shoot black powder pistols, rifles or shotguns.


The Club will shoot on Sundays through the Fall/Winter/Spring at the lower 50 Yard rifle range, the dates will be in the club calendar.


Please be advised that the range will remain open to all members during these club shoots.


  • Stationary clay bird targets, paper and steel targets will be utilized.

  • Tips and tricks to help your shooting and accuracy.

  • Tips and tricks for maintaining and cleaning.

  • Fun shooting amongst members


Any interested members please contact:


Anthony Campbell



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