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Citizens Defense Training Classes

Citizens Defense Training conducts training classes at KFGA several times per year. CDT was founded by Ron Flowers, who has completed over 3000 hours of basic and advanced firearms training from police and special operations military instructors in handgun, rifle, tactics and long ranged precision shooting. Ron is trained as a Colt/Sig Sauer/Glock handgun armorer, and M-16/AR-15 rifle armorer. Since 1995 Ron has taught hundreds of police recruits and conducted advanced training for hundreds of in-service police officers. Since 2007 Ron has taught Police Firearms Instructor Development Schools nationally and provided the same for military units overseas. 

Oct 22nd, 2022 Level II Defensive Pistol:

Time:   0900-1630 (9am to 4:30pm)

Designed for the pistol owner with experience and formal training.  Approximately 8 hours. $200 

CDT Basic Pistol or equivalent required (Contact for questions of accepted prior experience/training)

Subjects covered: Review SAFETY, Grip, Stance, Sight Alignment/Sight Picture, Follow Through.

Dry Fire/Live Fire Drills designed to increase proficiency in basic marksmanship, multiple rounds, multiple targets, decision making.  Drawing from the Holster/Re-Holstering Safely.  Introduction to Drawing While Turning.  Near and Further Target Engagements (Self Defense Distances). Required Equipment: Eye/Ear Protection, reputable semi-auto pistol w/ at least two magazines, rigid holster, magazine pouch, ammunition suitable for the pistol (approx. 500 rounds). NOTE: Ammo may continue to be hard to get. Start looking now. Limited number of rental pistols available.

Registration HERE

If you have questions please contact CDT directly by email HERE

Or Visit the CDT Web Site HERE


Please do not contact the Club with questions - classes are offered at KFGA but are not affiliated with KFGA

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