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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open the manual thrower on the trap range?

There is a secure enclosure on the manual clay thrower located on the trap range.  If you want to use it, the combination is the 4 digit code printed on the bottom right corner of your yellow membership card.  Please close and lock the cover when you are done.  The thrower will not clear if you have adjusted the throwing height, simply lower it, then close and lock the cover.

How To Apply My Membership Decal to My Gate Access Card

Paper Membership Cards are no longer issued by The Club.  Members in good standing are issued a permanent decal that is applied to the electronic gate access card.  This decal is to be applied to the blank side of the card and not cover your member number or the hole for the lanyard clip.  If you lose your gate card please contact us immediately to order a new card and prevent unauthorized club access Decal Application Video HERE

Club Access when the electronic gate will not open?

Entrance to our facility is restricted, you enter through a controlled access gate. Active members are issued a gate card and code.  If you are unsuccessful swiping the magnetic card, you may use the number keypad.  There is a number printed on the back of the GATE card; early gate cards have a long number and the last 5 digits followed by the "#" will open the gate if entered in the sequence, newer cards only have the 5 digit number, it with the # will open the gate.  


If the gate is not in operation and the metal swing gate is closed and locked, there is a 4 digit number printed on the bottom right corner of your yellow membership card, that is the combination lock code.  


Club access is prohibited otherwise, if you are a guest of an active member and coming to the range you need to access the gate with them and sign a one day waiver. (see range rules section for locations)  Non Members may only enter for Member Meetings and public events, during these times the gate will be open, signage on the property will direct you to the clubhouse.

Are non-members allowed to use the club?

Members have access to the club 365 days per year.  All shooting events posted on the Event Calendar are open to the public (non-members) unless otherwise noted.  Monthly "General Membership Meetings" are open to the public.  These meetings are held the 2nd Thursday every month.  Also noted in the calendar.

ALL GUESTS MUST SIGN A ONE DAY WAIVER.  If you come to a multi day event, you need a new form signed and dated each day.  Keep the yellow copy for your records.  Waivers are located in the lower range lot kiosk and vestibule to the clubhouse.  If you are shooting a club scheduled event, the range officer for that event will have waivers at the range.

What times are we allowed to shoot?

Gunfire is prohibited before 10:00am, the exception is a scheduled organized club event.  Actual times are posted on each range. Several board members live adjacent to the club property; if you shoot early or late you will get a visit from a board member and you will lose range privileges.  Shooting must end (15) minutes before sunset as posted on every range near the sign in/out sheet.  This time changes every day as determined by the National Weather Service (click here for actual sunset time and subtract 15 minutes

I lost my gate access card?  How do I get a new one?

If you lost your gate access card you may order another one here.  We will mail it to you address on file.  We will verify your membership status and number before programming a new card.  All lost cards are deactivated.

How do I learn more about Hunter Safety?

Please visit the PA Game Commission Web site, there is a lot of information there, if you are specifically looking for Hunter & Trapper Safety training use this link.  

I do not get any email from the club?

When your membership is activated you are automatically added to the database to receive our emails and newsletters.  If you have not received anything please use the contact form and provide your full name, member number and an accurate email address.

Do you offer training?

As a member only club we do not have staff that conducts training.  There are companies that use our facility for training classes for members and their guests.  Web site links are below, you may need to contact them for more details, fees and class specifics.  These companies are not associated with KFGA, they are certified and insured independently from our club and use our facility as well as others, these are referrals only. 

Civilian Defense Concepts Website

Citizens Defense Training Website

How do I become a member?

We have a complete explanation of this process HERE

I am unable to login?

If you are not a member or member candidate and try to login, it will be verified and purged.  Only Members are given credentials to log in.  If you forgot your password, simply use the "forgot password" link to create a new one.  Member accounts will have access to modify or update your personal information, make payments online, complete renewals and download forms.  

Can I use 3D or Recycled Targets?

Only paper targets are permitted. The only exception would be special club approved events and permitted groups using clay birds (both require Board Approval) .  Archery ranges you may use 3D targets but they must be positioned in front of the backstop only.

What is a bowling pin shoot?

Just as the name suggests, we use wooden bowling pins for targets!  This is a structured event and registration is required at the event.  The use of this range requires Board Approval and a permit, as found in the calendar, these events are open to the public.

How do I join the NRA?

Please visit the National Rifle Association Web site, there is a lot of information there as well as membership options. If you are looking more specifically for NRA Publications, use this link .

Can I shoot Black Powder Firearms

Black powder firearms cannot be fired without prior approval of the Executive Board.  KFGA does have an approved black powder shoot monthly during the fall and winter, open to the public; please see the club calendar.

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